2015 Burmass Directory – Zachry Publications

I was hired by Zachry Publications as the graphic designer for the 2015 Burmass Permian Basin Oil & Gas Directory.

This job required extreme organizational & time management skills, the ability to convert hundreds of Corel files into Adobe Photoshop, adhere to weekly and monthly deadlines and create ads for any customers who were in need of graphic design assistance. Excellent communication skills were also a requirement not only internally within the Burmass team,  but also when I spoke with customers as to glean a complete understanding of what their wishes were for their advertisements.

1,256 pages that encompass more than 4,200 companies and over 9,000 contacts.

Creating a print piece this large was such a wonderful experience. Putting my Photoshop and Illustrator skills to good use and gaining valuable experience within InDesign was awesome. This was literally getting paid to do what I loved. Put that together with working with really wonderful people – what more could a designer ask for.