2011 Corral – HSU’s Student Yearly Literary & Art Journal

As the art editor for this edition, I was given the privilege to not only create the design and layout of the end product using InDesign, but was to also review all art submissions and select the pieces to be included in the publication.

With only a one month turn around deadline, I was provided with a plethora of wonderful “real world” experiences. All submissions that were selected had to be photographed, all art pieces needed to be meshed with the literary selections so that all works were complemented and given the respect they deserved. Of the total 44 pages, the Corral only allowed for four 4-page signatures of color which offered its own set of challenges as well.

Being the art editor helped hone my abilities with InDesign, photography, Photoshop, cover and logo designs and magazine layout. My abilities with communication with regard to the other editor, the printer and most especially the other artists helped make this process a piece I am most proud of.

Please click here to see the 2011 Corral.